Construction and Roadwork Updates

The UBC campus is always growing and changing so it's common to encounter construction and road closures. The map below will help you locate existing construction areas and road closures at UBC Vancouver. It is updated regularly to make navigating campus easier.
Roadwork Map

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    Campus Maps

    Construction on Lot 6, future home of Wordsworth, at the corner of Wesbrook Mall and Binning Road will begin in June 2023 and is expected to be completed in Fall 2025. Visit the traffic management page for an overview of the traffic control that will be in place during construction to minimize impacts to the neighbourhood.

    University Boulevard will be partially closed for utility work between April 17 to August 19. Detours will be in place to accommodate local access and deliveries.

    The first stage of this work will be along University Boulevard in the westbound lane. All parking will be closed and all westbound traffic will be detoured across the median so that there is two-way traffic on the south side of University Boulevard.


    Starting April 17, no buses will be using the University Boulevard bus loop due to construction. All bus stops will be closed and trolley buses will be turning around at Blanca. 

    If you typically take Route 4 or Route 14 to UBC, you will need to get off at Blanca (just north of 10th Avenue / University Boulevard) then walk across Blanca to access the bus stop on University Boulevard to catch a diesel bus going to campus. Throughout construction, the number 99 bus will be stopping at this stop to minimize wait times for passengers. For those that normally take Route 4 or Route 14 from UBC, you will need to catch a bus in the UBC Bus Exchange then transfer to Route 4 or Route 14 buses at Blanca.

    To plan your route and for the most up to date information, visit: 

    There will be no parking along University Boulevard. Visit UBC parking to find nearby lots. 

    Building/Parking Lot Access

    • Access to the University Boulevard Lot, AMS Student Nest and Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre parking and servicing will be open and will be the turnaround point for local traffic.
    • Deliveries to Central and Focal will take place on University Boulevard with the assistance of a flagger during work hours. 
    • The lane along the south edge of War Memorial Gym will be available for use by UBC Waste Management to service War Memorial Gym during the second phase of construction.  

    During the first phase of construction, there will be no impacts to pedestrians along University Boulevard. In the second phase of construction, pedestrians will be asked to follow signage around closures areas, but access to all commercial units and residences along University Boulevard will be maintained. 

    For questions about this project, please email

    Work is still ongoing at the project site, so pedestrian detours and short duration disruptions on Thunderbird Blvd can still be expected. 

    Walter Gage Road east of East Mall will remain closed until September 2023. Pedestrians will be detoured around the site as shown in the map above. 

    The second phase of Brock Commons is underway on Walter Gage Road just east of East Mall. The main impact of this project is the full closure of Walter Gage Road between East Mall and Tallwood House. 

    Extended Construction Work Hours

    In an effort to ensure the project is completed on time, an application to work outside the restricted construction hours has been approved by Campus and Community Planning. The new construction hours will be from 6:00am to 8:00pm, Mondays to Fridays and 8:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays. Any work taking place on Weekdays or Sundays prior to regulated work hours will not include machinery or loud tools. 

    The following steps will be taken to mitigate the noise impact: 

    • Any work that produces a substantial amount of noise such as cutting and hammering will not take place prior to 7:30am.
    • Every effort will be made to ensure the construction work will be completed before 7:00PM. 

    The new construction hours may be extended if needed. Check this webpage for any further updates.

    The construction hours are being extended to make up for time that was lost during a recent labour dispute with the concrete suppliers. The C+CP compliance office will continue to work with the UNA to ensure there is minimal disruption to the community.

    Visit the Brock Commons Phase 2 project page to learn more about this project. 

    Construction for the new Food and Beverage Innovation Centre located on the south side of Hospital Lane between East Mall and Health Sciences Mall is currently underway. This will result in the full closure of Hospital Lane. Pedestrians will be detoured to the north side of the School of Population and Public Health building as shown in the map above. 

    Visit the Food and Beverage Innovation Centre project page to learn more about this project.