Construction and Road Closure Updates

The UBC campus is always growing and changing so it's common to encounter construction and road closures. The map below will help you locate existing construction areas and road closures at UBC Vancouver. It is updated regularly to make navigating campus easier.

Campus Maps

To help expedite traffic to and from Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre during events, the east side of East Mall from Thunderbird Blvd to 16th Ave and west side of East Mall from FP Innovations to 16th Ave will be closed 30 minutes before the end of the event time (see below map). Starting at 5pm on event days, parking will be prohibited on this stretch of East Mall. See below for concert days and times:

Sun May 12 at 8pm – Bryson Tiller           
Event start time: 8:00pm
Event end time: 11:00pm
Roads closed: 10:30pm
Roads re-open: midnight

Tue May 14 at 8pm - Postal Service         
Event start time: 8:00pm
Event end time: 11:00pm
Roads closed: 10:30pm
Roads re-open: midnight

Sat May 18 at 7:30pm - Kid LAROI            
Event start time: 7:30pm
Event end time: 10:30pm
Roads closed: 10:00pm
Roads re-open: 11:30pm

Osbourne Lot Closure
The Osborne lot will be closed to public parking at 3pm on May 14th and May 18th and will remain closed until the roads re-open again. On May 12th the lot will be closed all day.

Bus #68 from Totem Park will stop temporarily at Thunderbird Blvd and Thunderbird Cr, then directed down East Mall to 16th Ave. The northbound lane on East Mall at 16th Ave will be closed to traffic including buses.

Thunderbird Boulevard Parking

Approximately 400m of aging water main along 16th Avenue from Wesbrook Mall to Binning Road needs replacement. The work will take place between April 22nd and June 30th and construction impacts will be localized to the eastbound curb lane on 16th Avenue and the northbound lane of Wesbrook Mall at the roundabout.

During construction, access to, from and around Wesbrook Place will be maintained, however, residents and visitors should anticipate some delays when driving around. Campus and Community Planning is working closely with the project team to minimize disruption as much as possible.

Impacts to 16th Avenue Pedestrian Crossing at Binning Road and Hampton Place

  • On Wednesday, May 22 and Thursday, May 23 the crosswalk on 16th avenue (at Binning and Hampton place) will be CLOSED from approximately 7:30am to 5pm. Pedestrians are to cross at Wesbrook Mall during this time. 
  • The crosswalk will remain open for the remainder of the construction and flaggers will be present during construction hours (from approximately 7:30am to 5pm) to assist pedestrians crossing 16th Avenue.

Impact to Binning Road

  • Binning Road will remain open through most of construction, however, periodic closures will occur to accommodate material deliveries. Detour signage will be put up to redirect traffic onto Berton Avenue to Wesbrook Mall. 
  • Binning Road will be closed for a few days to allow the water main work to cross Binning Road at 16th Avenue. Dates to be confirmed.

Access to and from Wesbrook Place & Commercial / Retail Businesses:

  • The eastbound curb lane on 16th Avenue will be closed during working hours (from approximately 7:30am to 5pm) throughout most of construction.
  • Access TO Wesbrook Place at 16th Avenue and Wesbrook Mall will remain OPEN throughout construction.
  • Access TO & FROM Wesbrook Place at 16th Avenue and Ross Drive will remain OPEN throughout construction.


  • Buses on Wesbrook Mall will continue to run as scheduled.
  • The #25 and #33 bus stop eastbound 16th Avenue east of Wesbrook Mall (Bus Stop ID 51484) will be temporarily closed from May 1 – 13. 

Access to UHill Secondary School: 

  • To avoid delays, it is recommended that pick-up / drop-off activity for the school take place from Ross Drive. However, if the use of the Village parking lot by the Community Centre is preferred, use Ross Drive and Birney Avenue to reduce delays.