UBC Community Housing

With thousands of students, faculty and staff living on campus, UBC plays an important role in addressing Metro Vancouver’s housing affordability challenges.

Housing Action Plan

Housing affordability is a huge challenge for our region and for UBC. Providing affordable housing is an important part of student wellbeing and recruiting and retaining faculty and staff. We provide more workforce housing than any employer in the region, and have the most student housing in Canada. UBC’s Housing Action Plan – which includes targets and goals for affordable housing projects and programs – guides development of this housing, balanced with responsible management of UBC’s land. 

Family sitting at table
The Housing Action Plan aims to provide affordable housing to the UBC community

Key Elements of the Housing Action Plan

  • Up to 30% of future campus housing will be rental.
  • At least 20% will be restricted to faculty/staff at below-market rents.
  • An on-campus faculty home ownership program.
  • Eligibility for faculty down payment assistance.
  • A rent-geared-to-income program for low-income staff.
  • Continued expansion of student housing.


Student Housing

By providing student housing, UBC takes pressure off the local rental market, saves students commuting time, and brings more vibrancy to campus. The university has built thousands of new student housing beds in the past decade and plans to accelerate this growth in the next ten years. For more information see: https://vancouver.housing.ubc.ca/

Faculty and Staff Housing

UBC supports a range of housing options for faculty and staff. These include the Faculty Home Ownership Program, which provides loans to help make home ownership more affordable. It also includes hundreds of units of non-market rental housing on-campus and one of the world’s first university rent-geared-to-income staff programs.