Tree Removal

UBC encourages tree retention, protection and replanting to other locations on campus whenever possible. However, as part of the natural process of aging and renewal, some trees decay a safety hazard and must be removed, while others are removed due to new development on campus.

Tree Removal Process

From time to time, under the guidance of UBC’s arborists, dying or decaying trees are removed before they become a safety hazard. Trees are also removed due to new development on campus, where the tree removal process is regulated through a Development Permit or Streets and Landscape Permit.

As part of the Tree Removal Permit process, all tree removals are posted on this website ahead of time as Notices of Tree Removals. If you are curious, we also have a Tree Removal Notice Archive from 2011-2020. 

Learn More about the Tree Removal Application Process

Tree Removal Development Permit Application