Development Permits

For development projects at UBC, we aim to achieve sustainability, economic, and community building objectives. Any planning, design and construction work is evaluated against UBC’s academic mission and objectives to achieve sustainability goals and academic needs for the university community.
Construction on campus
Construction and renewal of the Life Sciences Teaching Labs


Campus + Community Planning is the regulator of design and construction of buildings, structures and open spaces on UBC Vancouver‘s campus lands.

We manage the development review process for project proposals and issue permits for building and construction. 

Development Permit Required

Development Permits are issued for any project that involves new building construction, changes to the exterior appearance of an existing building, changes to the public realm, and changes to land use.

A Development Permit is required if your project involves:

  • Developing a new permanent or temporary building, or structure larger than 10 m2
  • Making an addition to an existing building
  • Change to project statistics, such as number of parking stalls, floor area, units, or bicycle racks
  • Changes to the exterior of existing buildings
  • Work that impacts UBC’s built environment, such as the public realm, tree removals, landscapes and public art, or
  • Change of use.

Download the Development Permit Application Form

Development Permit Not Required

A Development Permit is not required for:

  • Construction fences and hoarding no greater than 2 m high
  • Construction sheds smaller than 10 m2
  • Repairs for making interior renovations that do not impact the building envelope, or
  • Building repairs that do not alter the original appearance.

If in doubt about the application process or whether an application is required, it is recommended that you contact Development Services prior to submitting an application.

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