Our Campus Partnerships

UBC is an important part of an interconnected region. We take inclusion, collaboration, indigenous engagement and sustainability — key themes of UBC’s strategic plan — seriously.

Our work relies on close engagement with people and organizations both on and off campus. Through this engagement, we collaborate with partners, communicate with stakeholders about UBC’s plans and proposed changes, work to understand each other’s interests, listen to feedback, and deliver services to build a more vibrant, connected and sustainable campus.
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We are guided by the C+CP Engagement Principles when engaging with the campus community and our partners, which include Musqueam, students, faculty, staff, neighbourhood residents and external partner organizations. Read more about our partnerships below. 


The UBC Vancouver campus is situated on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Musqueam people. The University and Musqueam have a growing relationship. We engage and work with Musqueam on academic programs, public art, changes to the campus and Musqueam representation on campus.

Learn more about Musqueam

Musqueam and the Public Realm

Campus and Community Planning has worked collaboratively with Musqueam staff, elders and community members on a number of projects aimed at reintroducing Musqueam culture into the campus’ public realm. Learn more about these public realm projects.

UBC Indigenous Strategic Plan

UBC is in the final stage of developing an Indigenous Strategic Plan, which will guide the University’s Indigenous engagement initiatives for years to come.

UBC Students and Faculties 

A core function of Campus and Community Planning is to support UBC’s academic mission. We work closely with student groups, academics and administrators to choose locations for new buildings, provide the services our growing community needs, and continue to make the campus a great place to learn, live, work and play.


UBC Departments

Our approach to campus planning is grounded in the integration of our work across research, operations, campus infrastructure, and community. Through partnerships with numerous operational and academic departments we draw on the educational and research capabilities available at UBC to explore land use, transportation and sustainability planning in the living laboratory provided by our campus.

We then apply and share the knowledge, technologies and policies that emerge from this work.


University Neighbourhoods Association

The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) is a not-for-profit society that provides UBC’s neighbourhood residents with services and helps manage UBC’s growing campus community. From managing childcare and offering yoga at the Wesbrook Community Centre to enforcing parking rules in UBC neighbourhoods, the UNA plays a vital role in improving the quality of life on campus. UBC and the UNA partner closely to engage with residents as the neighbourhoods grow and evolve. 


UBC Properties Trust 

UBC Properties Trust (UBCPT) is the real estate development arm of UBC. Campus and Community Planning creates the plans, and UBCPT play a central role in implementing them. UBCPT builds residential campus neighbourhoods, manages academic construction projects, and builds and runs campus neighbourhood rental housing, including homes for faculty and staff.


External Partners

UBC is one part of a growing region. We engage with Musqueam and our neighbours — the University Endowment Lands, City of Vancouver — to make sure we understand each other’s needs and interests. We also work with organizations like TransLink and Metro Vancouver to provide the services our growing community needs. Of course, in our planning work, we engage diverse groups and individuals who care about the UBC campus and want to shape our future.