Film + Outdoor Events + Outdoor Signage

UBC is home to a variety of filming projects and events on campus every year. The Film & Events Office is responsible for managing, regulating and approving outdoor booking activities, filming, photography and outdoor signage.

NOTE: Please click below to read the new guidelines for booking events at UBC to January 3, 2021.

NOTE: Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines to January 3, 2021

In-person events, both indoor and outdoor, may be permitted, with the approval of the relevant Dean, VP or designate, if the following criteria are met. These criteria apply to all on-campus and off-campus in-person events, for all UBC campuses and sites, and includes those organized by students, faculty, staff and alumni. This is in effect to January 3, 2021.

In-person events may be permitted if:

A) An event lead can answer ‘yes’ to the following four questions:

  1. Is it endorsed by the overseeing Dean, VP or designate?
  2. Is this a one-time, episodic occurrence?
  3. Will there be no more than 50 patrons in attendance, with additional staff and/or service providers commensurate with physical distancing requirements?
  4. Does the event fall into a category either permitted under the current phase under the Province’s Restart plan (e.g. recreation) or not otherwise specifically addressed by the province in any phase?

B) a COVID-19 operational and safety plan has been prepared for the event and/or for the event category;

C) VANCOUVER CAMPUS-LED EVENT: the COVID-19 operational and safety plan has been reviewed by the UBC COVID-19 Safety Planning Steering Committee and Executive, where considered high-risk.

UBC COVID-19 Safety Rules and Protocols