What Guides Us

At Campus and Community Planning, we engage with groups, individuals and governments to create a campus that will support UBC’s vision of making the world a better place. We focus on designing sustainable buildings, landscapes and neighbourhoods to create healthy, resilient and animated learning and living environments. We are champions for a vibrant and sustainable campus.

An aerial photo of Martha Piper fountain
An aerial photo of Martha Piper fountain on Main Mall and University Boulevard

We are intentional practitioners in engagement, design, planning, development, community building and sustainability. We engage with the campus community, Musqueam and the public to make decisions that shape the campus, and operate within UBC’s unique governance structure.

Our work is informed and inspired by:

Reciprocity between people, place and academic mission

We see the campus as a living lab to support the academic mission. We work in partnership with our community to test ideas, think big and guide decisions based on what can and should be done. 

Nurturing and respecting our physical environment

We champion planning, designing, building and operating in ways that enhance our physical environment and strengthen our community.

Building and enabling our community

Our work is fundamentally respectful of individual, community, and ecological wellbeing. We work towards reconciliation in partnership with Musqueam, leading to unique, mutually beneficial solutions. 

Planning with purpose and engagement 

We work within our unique governance structure and are accountable to many stakeholders, and look for meaningful ways to facilitate better conversations.