What Guides Us

The intentional transformation of our campuses into inspiring places of learning, teaching, research, innovation and partnership. Where buildings, open spaces, landscapes, neighbourhoods and community programs make positive contributions to the academic mission, campus ecology and university communities, resulting in thriving, inclusive and connected campuses.
An aerial photo of Martha Piper fountain
An aerial photo of Martha Piper fountain on Main Mall and University Boulevard


We are working toward this vision by engaging across campus communities and partnering with and learning from campus Host Nations who, for millennia, have been stewards and caretakers of the lands upon which our campuses are located. We approach our work with a recognition of changing global circumstance and uncertainty and balance our work in planning, design, development management, public engagement, community building and sustainability with both a sense of humility and urgency.

Our work is informed and inspired by:

•    Collaborating to create a campus and a community
•    Building and enabling our community
•    Supporting partnerships that power change
•    Nurturing and respecting our natural and physical environment
•    Planning with intention 

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Building on the university’s unique history and commitment to reconciliation, we collaborate with students, faculty, staff, residents, and campus Host Nations and Indigenous communities to create a resilient, inclusive, climate-neutral urban campus where teaching, learning and research and complete neighbourhoods thrive. 

Our work supports the university’s academic mission while enhancing human, community, and ecological wellbeing. We work together with campus Host Nations and Indigenous communities to build enduring relationships and enable mutually supportive outcomes. Through engagement with our campus communities, we strive to create accessible, socially-connected urban campuses where people feel safe, included and empowered.

We collaborate with the academic community and Host Nations to imagine and create a place that supports partnerships between the academy, industry, not-for-profit and social enterprise groups. We see the campus as a living lab – a place to research, implement and test innovative approaches in urban planning and sustainability for UBC and its regions.

We champion planning, designing, building, engaging and operating in ways that tackle the climate emergency – returning more to our campus ecologies and communities than what is taken out, creating net-positive impacts for people and the environment, and honouring the land and ecosystems that support the campuses.

We integrate multiple interests, ideas and priorities into a vision for our campuses that meet the aspirations of the university and its communities in the context of uncertainty, growth and change. This includes actively engaging with equity-seeking groups and surfacing often unheard voices. We stay ahead of the curve in planning, design, community building and sustainability by embracing change, learning from others and adapting our practices.