Residential Building Requirements

How buildings are designed, constructed and operated will have significant impact on sustainability of the campus and the wellbeing of the people who study, work and live there.

Download the Residential section of the Green Building Action Plan. 

Residential building requirements are shown in the Tier System below:

The Green Building Action Plan Residential Tier System
Tier 1A

New Buildings: Multi-unit residential buildings or mixed-use/residential (less than 10%: commercial, flex use and or/community facilities)

>1000 m2
  • REAP gold certification
  • Alignment with GBAP goals, targets and indicators
Tier 1B Institutional Buildings: Stadium, daycare etc.  >1000 m2 See Institutional Tier System


Green Building Action Plan Component Areas

There eight distinct but interrelated component areas for the Green Building Action Plan:

  • Energy 

  • Water

  • Materials & Resources 

  • Biodiversity 

  • Health & Wellbeing 

  • Quality 

  • Climate Adaptation 

  • Place & Experience 

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Residential Environmental Assessment Program (REAP) 3.3

REAP 3.3 applies to projects that have applied for development permit after June 29th 2023.

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Neighbourhood Low Carbon Energy Strategy (NLCES)

The NLCES will define how UBC’s future neighbourhoods achieve resilient and low carbon developments through a combination of supply- and demand-side measures. 

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Neighbourhood Climate Action Plan (NCAP)

UBC’s Neighbourhood Climate Action Plan will provide the policy directions, targets and actions to put us on an accelerated pathway to net zero emissions while increasing our resilience to the effects of climate change in the university neighborhoods on the Vancouver campus.  

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