UBC Try an E-bike Program

Looking for a healthy and sustainable way to get around while saving time on your commute? Try an e-bike!

UBC has partnered with Zygg to allow eligible faculty and staff to try an e-bike for free for an entire week. Zygg is a subscription-based e-bike service that offers monthly e-bike rentals to its customers instead of customers needing to purchase an e-bike. 

UBC Staff and Faculty Discount

Want to continue riding after your free trial? You can sign up for a personal e-bike subscription or purchase an e-bike with Zygg afterwards. Zygg is providing all UBC members with a 10% discount on all subscriptions and purchases.  Just use your UBC email and code “UBC10” at checkout.

This offer is available for all UBC staff, faculty, and students regardless of participation in UBC’s Try an E-Bike Program.

Who is eligible?

All current UBC Point Grey Campus faculty and staff who are 19 years old or older at the time of participation are eligible for the free trial. Spots are limited so sign up today. Registration is now closed.  

How does the program work (registration is now closed)?

  • Register online with your UBC e-mail. Once your eligibility is confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to you and a Zygg staff member will be in touch to coordinate your seven-day trial.
  • Zygg will coordinate the pick up and drop off of the e-bike. There are three convenient locations for you to pick up / drop off for your trial e-bike:
    • Zygg Vancouver Store (pick up and drop off): 397 Alexander St, Vancouver 
    • UBC Point Grey Campus (pick up and drop off): UBC B4 Parking Lot – 6365 Agronomy Rd (corner of Agronomy Rd and Thunderbird Crescent)
    • Your Home (bike delivery only): Delivery zone includes Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond, and Vancouver
  • Bring your staff card or a piece of ID along with your confirmation e-mail to pick up your e-bike.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial lasts for seven days. You will have the option to continue riding through a personal subscription with Zygg afterwards. Be sure to mention you are a UBC staff / faculty for a discount!

When can I sign up for the program?

The program runs from March 20 to May 20, 2023, while spots are available. 

E-biking is a great way to get exercise and a sustainable way to get around.  People who own e-bikes replace car trips with e-bike trips more often than their pedal-power peers.  Plus, the Try an E-bike Program supports UBC’s sustainable transportation goals. 


  • Read this study on physical activity when riding an electric assisted bicycle.

You are responsible for properly locking your Zygg e-bike to prevent theft. As a Zygg rider, you must always lock the e-bike to an immovable object using all the locks provided, park the e-bike in a secure, dry, indoor location overnight, remove the battery when leaving the e-bike locked, and take a photograph showing that the e-bike is securely locked according to these guidelines. This process must be done every time you lock and leave the e-bike. 

If your Zygg e-bike is stolen, you must report the theft to Zygg within 24 hours. If you have performed all of the steps above, you will be required to pay $350 (including HST). If you are unable to show the photo of the securely locked e-bike or do not have all of the provided keys to the locks provided by Zygg, you will be required to pay $2,500 + GST. Since you are always required to remove batteries from a parked bike, you are responsible for bike batteries at all times. If a battery is stolen or is lost you will be required to pay $500 + GST.

For more details and for the procedure in the event of theft, please refer to Zygg’s liability policy.

New to cycling on campus? UBC Campus + Community Planning has a number of resources to help you plan your commute, find bike route network maps, and learn useful tips and tricks for getting around UBC. Visit our Cycling pages to learn more. 

UBC also provides free access to 13 secure bike cages on campus and there are secure bike lockers available for rent. Learn more about bike cages and how to sign up for bike lockers.

For building specific end of trip facilities such as secure bike parking, lockers, and changerooms with showers please connect with your building administration or manager for more information. 


Have a question about the program?  Reach out to active.transport@ubc.ca.