Trends and New Mobility

UBC is exploring new and emerging transportation trends and technologies that could change the ways we get to from and around campus.

VeeMo, a form of "future mobility"

UBC is participating in regional working groups and having many other conversations about these new forms of mobility and we are working closely with existing suppliers of transportation options at UBC.

The future of mobility may include driverless vehicles, and more shared mobility services alongside the usual ways we get around campus including transit, walking, and cycling.

These technologies are developing quickly and we are interested in exploring new, sustainable mobility options to connect our large campus, help us achieve our transportation targets, and provide our commuting community with more options.

A 2018 trial at UBC of Veemo is one such example. Legally classified as electric bycicles, the Veemo vehicles incorporate elements from both the car and the bicycle, creating a human powered vehicle with electric components activated when you are pedaling over hills and long distances. More information on the Veemo trial can be found here.