UBC is a pedestrian-friendly community with large pedestrian priority zones closed to cars, so getting across campus quickly on foot is easy.

Walking on Main Mall
Walking on Main Mall

UBC’s planned land use and development will continue to improve the walking network by creating a built environment that minimizes walking distances between destinations enhances the experience walking between buildings on campus.

Pedestrian Priority Zones

Main Mall (Flag Pole Plaza through Thunderbird Boulevard), and Memorial Road, Agricultural Road and University Boulevard (East Mall through Education Road) are now pedestrian- and cyclist-only zones. Vehicle access is restricted to emergency vehicles only.

Implementation of the pedestrian priority zone began in the Summer of 2011 with Main Mall (between Koerner Plaza and University Boulevard) and Agricultural Road, and was completed in the Fall of 2012.

See map of UBC Pedestrian Priority Zones

Other Walking Activities

  • Campus and Building Tours are a perfect activity to experience all UBC has to offer, whether you are a new student to campus or interested in learning more about the place you have lived for many years.
  • The Walk’n Roll program encourages our youngest residents (and their parents) to choose active transportation and to promote a safe and walkable community.
  • For those slightly more adventurous, Pacific Spirit Regional Park offers a network of trails, on the east side of campus, contained in more than 750 hectares of forest.
  • If students, staff or faculty don’t feel safe to walk alone on campus they can contact the AMS Safewalk, between 7 pm-2 am every night.