UBC has created car free corridors on campus to make walking and rolling around campus convenient, safe and enjoyable.

Walking on Main Mall
Walking on Main Mall

Travel Resource and Incentive

Plan Your Commute (NEW): Explore ways you could improve your commute to and from UBC

Carpooling: Incentives and resources to make carpooling easier.  

UBC’s planned land use and development will continue to improve and expand on the car free network to further enhance the experience of walking and rolling between buildings and around campus.

Pedestrian Priority Zones

Main Mall (Flag Pole Plaza through Thunderbird Boulevard), and Memorial Road, Agricultural Road and University Boulevard (East Mall through Education Road) are now car free corridors. Vehicle access is restricted to emergency and service vehicles only.

Implementation of the pedestrian priority zone began in the Summer of 2011 with Main Mall (between Koerner Plaza and University Boulevard) and Agricultural Road, and was completed in the Fall of 2012.

See Map of UBC Pedestrian Priority Zones


Students, staff, or faculty that do not feel safe walking alone on campus are encouraged to reach out to AMS Safewalk between 9:00 pm and 2:00 am every night.