Campus Maps

Find your way around the UBC Vancouver campus with our printable maps.

The campus maps on this page are free for the public to use and are intended for printed material, brochures and signage on campus. They have been developed in adherence to UBC Brand standards. 

Campus and Community Planning does not provide customized graphic design. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all supplementary graphic elements such as fonts, colours and logos adhere to UBC brand standards.

To access the original vector source data for the maps, a limited set of UBC’s geospatial data has been published to an open data repository on Github. Raster data (such as orthophotos and LiDAR) for the UBC Vancouver Campus can be found through UBC Library's Abacus Data Network.

Online Maps

We encourage you to share the online maps Wayfinding at UBC Vancouver or Wayfinding at UBC Okanagan with your networks.

UBC Campus - Printable Maps

Campus and Community Planning produces a variety of UBC Vancouver base maps that are easy to print.

Campus landscape map Campus Landscape Map - 2 Mb PDF 
(updated October 2021)
Simple base map Simple Landscape Map - 1 Mb PDF 
(updated October 2021)
Campus landscape map Campus Detailed Landscape Map - 4 Mb PDF 
(updated October 2021)
Campus map - portrait Campus Portrait Map - 2 Mb PDF 
(updated October 2021)

UBC Campus Maps

Construction and detours map

UBC Road Closures and Construction map (pdf)
(updated bi-weekly)

UBC orthophoto aerial map UBC Orthophoto (aerial) - 6 Mb PDF 
(updated April 2021)
UBC address map UBC Address Map - 2 Mb PDF 
(updated October 2021)


UBC Wayfinding Maps

Wayfinding for the UBC Vancouver campus includes arrival signage (located at major intersections, entrances to the campus and within parkades) and campus pylons (located across campus).

Arrival map

Campus Arrival Maps

Arrival directory map - 9 Mb PDF 
Directory map that includes street names and indexed locations
(updated Dec 2015)

Arrival map only - 3 Mb PDF
(updated Dec 2015, Illustrator editing capabilities maintained)

UBC finder map

Campus pylon maps (detailed map)

Finder - 3 Mb JPG
(updated May 2015)

Finder (layers) - 35 Mb PDF 
(updated May 2015, Illustrator editing capabilities maintained)


UBC Okanagan Maps

UBC Okanagan campus includes arrival signage.

UBC Okanagan arrival sign

UBC Okanagan campus map - 1 Mb PDF 
(updated October 2019)

UBC Okanagan campus map

UBC Okanagan Campus Map
Detailed map with directory
(updated October 2021)

  UBC Okanagan Orthophoto (aerial) - 4 Mb PDF 
(updated May 2020)