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Campus + Community Planning offers funding opportunities to enhance campus sustainability operations.
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Workplace and Community Funding Opportunities

We offer several funding opportunities to enhance campus sustainability, including the Green Labs Fund, Workplace Sustainability Fund, and UTown@UBC Community Grants.

See a full listing of funds available for students, staff, faculty and residents:

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Sustainability Revolving Fund

The Sustainability Revolving Fund provides a minimum loan of $10,000 for projects that reduce consumption of energy, water or other resources – supporting UBC’s sustainability goals related to climate action, zero waste, and water reduction. Examples include upgrading equipment to be more energy efficient; or adding a system to recover and reuse chemicals, avoiding costs to purchase new chemicals.


This fund offers huge benefits to both your faculty/department and the university. The cost savings created through your reduction project will continue to grow after the loan has been repaid, resulting in a net cost benefit over the long term. The loan itself is repaid with money saved on energy, water or resources, resulting in essentially zero net cost to the institution.

In addition to contributing to UBC’s sustainability goals and reducing costs, recipients can benefit from upgrading old equipment and systems to newer, better performing equipment – particularly when other sources of funds are not readily available. Where other funding sources are available but not sufficient for a project to proceed, revolving fund loans may be “stacked” with these other funding sources. The fund review committee also supports applicants through technical and financial review of project proposals, helping to maximize a project’s success.

How to Apply

Fill out either the:

*The Executive Summary proposal allows applicants to gather initial feedback from the fund administrators, to help applicants determine if they would like to proceed with a full proposal.


Any UBC department may apply, however the fund is being promoted initially to the research community.

More Information

Please refer to the document below for further information:


The program is administered by UBC Campus & Community Planning, Sustainability & Engineering unit. Loans are provided and administered by UBC Treasury.

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