Student Filming

The Film & Events Office is responsible for managing and approving all student film requests at UBC.

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Please complete the following form prior to filming: 

Student Filming Application (pdf)

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Drones and Drone Filming 

As a registered student at UBC or another accredited film school, filming and still photography is permitted to occur on campus for bona fide class project or theses. To be considered a bona fide student production there must be an assigned instructor and at least 50% of the crew should be fellow students. Student filming requests for personal or other purposes, follow the general filming guidelines.

The standard permit fee, damage deposit and insurance requirements will be waived for bona fide students. Building rental fees, parking, security and technical labour may apply.


Student Filming Guidelines

  • Submit a Student Filming application, along with full script and scope of work 15 business days in advance of proposed filming.

  • The student will be required to follow all UBC student filming guidelines and procedures, and enter into a film permit provided by the Film & Events Office. UBC will not sign any third-party agreements, contracts, waivers, or release forms.

  • A Student ID Card and the film permit must be with you at all times while filming.

  • A minimum 48 hours’ notice of cancellation must be provided to the Film & Events Office  and, if appropriate, the department liaison. Failure to provide cancellation notice will result in a charge of $50 plus applicable taxes.

  • Facility rental fees will apply for use of indoor space.

  • Cleaning fees may also apply for use of indoor space.

  • Charges will apply for access into secure buildings after hours, weekends, statutory holidays.

  • Requests from students to film an independent production must follow the commercial filming procedures and guidelines, where a contract and fees will apply.


Locations - Please Read Before Choosing Your Filming Locations

Click on the drop down links below for helpful information when choosing a location for your student project. 

Exterior filming may be permitted as long as access to buildings are not impeded in any manner and there is no disruption to classes and University operations. The Film and Events Office will also obtain permission from the building occupants to ensure there is no conflict with department programming.

Determine locations 15 business days in advance in order to ensure availability. Dates and times must be clearly specified on the student film application. Many buildings will require a user rental fee. The Film & Events Office will also seek approval from the building occupants.

Buildings not managed or operated by UBC require separate permission for filming both exterior or interior. These buildings include but are not limited to:

  • UBC Hospital (Vancouver Coastal Health)
  • NRC Institute for Machinery Research
  • BC Research Inc.
  • Paprican

Approvals for filming in the University Endowment Lands (UEL), east of Wesbrook Mall must be obtained from the UEL. Filming in Pacific Spirit Regional Park approvals are managed by Metro Vancouver Parks.

Vehicular and pedestrian traffic must not be impeded.

Use of UBC roads where a road closure is requested requires a detailed traffic management plan. The traffic management plan must be submitted 15 business days prior to filming. Maximum lock-up is 3 minutes at a time and only when the camera is rolling. If permission is granted only UBC Parking Officers or individuals licensed to perform traffic control are permitted to stop and/or regulate traffic. Proof of license must be provided by individuals. Cost for UBC Parking Officers will be billed back to production.

Use of Marine Drive, West 16th, Chancellor Boulevard and other roads outside of UBC are managed by the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI). Please contact the MOTI directly for filming on non-UBC roads.

Stunts and Special Effects

Stunts and/or special effects may be denied while filming on the campus depending on risk to the University. The instructor must be on set when conducting stunts and/or special effects. In some instances, professional stunt and or special effects coordinators may be required to also be on set.

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Contact the Film & Events Office:

Louise Rutter, Film & Events Coordinator at or 604.822.1183.