Notices of Tree Removal

Despite our best efforts, sometimes removing trees is unavoidable. To remove a tree at UBC you need an approved tree removal permit. UBC tree removal application processes are similar to the practices undertaken in municipalities.

The notices are in chronological order for the current year. Please see the Archive page for previous years. 

June 2023: Powerhouse Lane 

As part of the upcoming demolition of the powerhouse stack, one self seeded Western Hemlock Tree (Tsuga heterophylla) has been identified to be removed. With the removal of the stack and its foundation wall below ground, the tree will become a fall risk as it will have no anchor point. 

May 2023: Liu Institute 

Two Western Red Cedars (Thuja plicata) and one Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) will be removed from the forested area bound by the Liu Institute, Asian Centre, Nitobe Garden and Marine Drive. These trees are subject for removal due to their overall dead condition. Work will take place on two separate days in late May. 

April 2023: University BLVD DES Connection 

Three Katsura trees (C. Japonicum) will be removed to connect the District Energy System to the new Gateway Building and School of Biomechanical Engineering Building. All three trees will be replaced with the same or similar species. 

February 2023: Marine Drive 

One dead Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) that has experienced root fungus will be removed from the West side of the Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility on Marine Drive. Work will happen from February 8th - February 9th. 

January 2023: Hampton Place Boulevard

One Narrow- leaved Ash (Fraxinus angustifolia) has left a slight heave to the ground and a void is suspected underneath the root plate. The likelihood of failure and property damage is probable. As a result, the tree has been marked for removal. A new tree will be planted at the completion of this project. 

January 2023: Norman Mackenzie House 

One Princess Tree (Paulownia tomentosa) will be removed from the East side of the Norman Mackenzie House. It has been identified as a dead tree that possesses the potential danger of falling and causing damage to visitors and the Norman Mackenzie House. The tree will be brought to the university's south campus yard for chipping. 

January 2023: Green College 

One Pacific madrone (Arbutus menziesii) will be removed from the Green House at Green College as it is dead from arbutus fungal blight. The tree will be brought to the university's south campus yard for chipping.

January 2023: Beaty Biodiversity Centre Addition 

To accommodate an addition to the Beaty Biodiversity Building, 14 trees in moderate to poor condition will be removed on the east side of Fairview Grove. Twenty-nine trees will be protected and retained during the development of this addition. The trees that will be retained are primarily cedar and Douglas fir trees.


September: Wesbrook Place BCR5/6

As part of the upcoming construction of faculty/staff housing on Lots BCR5 & BCR6, 28 trees will be removed that conflict with the building footprint. An additional 12 street trees, under 15 cm dbh, will also need to be removed to allow for upgrades to the road infrastructure. New trees will be planted at the completion of the project.