Notices of Tree Removal

Despite our best efforts, sometimes removing trees is unavoidable. To remove a tree at UBC you need an approved tree removal permit. UBC tree removal application processes are similar to the practices undertaken in municipalities.

The notices are in chronological order for the current year. Please see the Archive page for previous years. 

November 2021: Rhododendron Wood

Two coniferous trees - one western red cedar (Thuja plicata) and another unidentified tree - have died within the Rhododendron Wood. The trees are decaying and pose a potential risk. The trees will be left as wildlife stumps where it is safe to do so, with any resulting log debris being left on site to be used as habitat. 

Rhododendron Wood Tree Removals







November 2021: Binning Road

Two trees - one red alder (Alnus rubra) and one Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) - along the edge of Pacific Spirit Park on the east side of Binning Road have died. The trees pose a potential risk to users of the pathway. The trees will be pruned or removed with the log debris being left as habitat.

Binning Road Tree Removals









November 2021: South Campus Greenway

Six western cedars (Thuja plicata), two red alders (Alnus rubra), and one birch (Betula sp.) are dead, dying or in poor conditions. These trees pose a potential risk to users of the pathway. These trees will be removed with the resulting log debris being left on site to be used as habitat.

South Campus Greenway Removals









November 2021: Hydrogen Fueling Station

Three red maple (Acer rubrum) and a sweetgum tree (Liquidamber styraciflua) on the north side of Thunderbird Boulevard will be removed due to the construction of UBC’s renewable energy hub. The trees are located within the vehicle zone of the project’s hydrogen fueling station and on the site of a new underground sewer line. 

Hydrogen Fueling Station







October 2021: Brock Commons Phase 2 - South Building

Thirteen trees located on the south side of Walter Gage Road are to be removed as part of the construction of Brock Commons Phase 2. The trees are in conflict with the building footprint and area of excavation. Trees to be removed: 1 x Magnolia (Magnolia spp.), 1 x Plum (Prunus cerasifera), 1 x Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), 2 x Cherry (Prunus serrulata), 4 x Laburnum (Laburnum x watereri), 4 x Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia).

brock 2 south tree removal







September 2021: Brock Commons Phase 2 - North Building

Eleven trees located on the north side of Walter Gage Road are to be removed as part of the construction of Brock Commons Phase 2. The trees are in conflict with the building footprint and roadway surrounding the North Building. Trees to be removed: 3 x cherry (Prunus serrulata), 2 x cypress (Cupressaceae pisifera), 2 x magnolia (Magnolio spp.), 1 x honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos), 1 x red maple (Acer rubrum), 1 x tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipfera), 1 x western red cedar (Thuja plicata).

brock 2 north building







August 2021: Walter Gage Road Realignment

Two ash trees (Fraxinus sp.) on the north side of Walter Gage road are to be removed due to the upcoming road realignment project. The realignment is related to the ongoing construction of the Saltwater Residences (previously known as Pacific) and accompanying redesign of the public realm. Two magnolia trees (Magnolia sp.) will be transplanted and taken to the Building Operations Nursery in south campus.

walter gage realignment trees








June 2021: Thunderbird Residence Agronomy Road

One sweet gum tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) that has died has been removed.

sweet gum removal

June 2021: Totem Field Research Station

One weeping birch (Betula pendula) that has died from a bronze birch borer infestation and is dropping branches has been removed.

research station

May 2021: Child Care Services Administrative Building

Four trees (1 x Japanese maple, 1 x red alder, 2 x bitter cherry) located next to the playground between Child Care Services Administrative Building and Acadia Daycare were removed as they posed a safety concern due to being dead/dying from age, drought, and fungus. 

childcare admin map

April 2021: Sopron House

Three Himalayan birch (Betula jacquemontii) were removed from the east side of Sopron House due to safety concerns from dropping branches as the result of a bronze birch borer infestation.


April 2021: St John Hospice

One maple and one spruce were removed from the northwest of the hospice site to accommodate a new air handling unit. The unit is required as part of a mechanical upgrade to the facility to improve occupant comfort. Additional plantings will be provided to maintain the privacy of the hospice.    

hospice tree removal

February 2021: Water Main Replacement in Acadia Park

One maple (Acer sp.) was removed from the grove of trees adjacent to Acadia Park Lane, to the northwest of the Acadia modular daycares, due to conflicts with the expansion of water main service to the Acadia Park neighbourhood.

WM replacement Acadia park

February 2021: ASC/Brock Commons Underground Services

One black locust tree (R. pseudoacacia) will be removed from the northwest corner of Brock Hall. The tree conflicts with the expansion of the Destrict Energy System (DES), sanitary sewer, and stormwater utilities required service the future Arts Student Centre at East Mall and Water Gage Road. 

As part of the neighbouring Brock Commons Phase 2 development, which includes the site of the Brock Hall Annex, new landscaping and trees will be planted.

Tree removal at Brock Hall

January/February 2021: MOA Entryway

Seventeen Western hemlocks (Tsuga hertophylla) raning from 10 - 25 cm dbh were removed in late January/early February. Removal was required as twelve of the trees were dead and five were dying and unlikely to recover due to drought stress and root rot. Removal was needed as they posed a hazard to pedestrians and the Museum of Anthropology.  

moa removal










January 2021: Gage/Pacific Residence Courtyard

Thirteen trees (1 x Pine sp., 1 x Dogwood sp., 2 x Eastern White Pine, 2 x Black Pine, 3 x Horse Chestnut, 4 x Japanese Maple) will be removed from the south side of the Walter H. Gage Residence complex as part of the public realm redesign associated with the new Pacific Residence development.

The trees are in conflict with the landscape features, structures, and road realignment forming the redesign for the courtyard. Trees have been retained and protected where possible and new trees will be planted as part of the larger Pacific Residence project. 

Gage/Pacific Courtyard removal map