UBC routes 68 and 70

Meet the new 68 UBC Exchange/Lower Mall and 70 UBC Exchange/Wesbrook Mall

Two Translink routes at UBC offer a wide coverage of campus, creating stronger connections between amenities and attractions, neighbourhoods, and student residences.

The routes:

  • 68 UBC Exchange/Lower Mall - replaces the northern part of the C18 and C20 (map).
  • 70 UBC Exchange/Wesbrook Mall - replaces the southern part of the C18 and C20. (map).

Both routes:

  • Run every 30 minutes
  • Provide service through South Campus to UBC Farm and Wesbrook Village
  • Are marked with bus stop signs

For detailed information, scheduling and maps on these route changes, please visit the TransLink website.


Regular one-zone fares apply. Use your Compass Card/U-Pass, monthly pass, FareSaver Ticket, transfer, or pay exact coin fare to board the Community Shuttle.