Outdoor Event Booking Request Form

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) AND UBC’S RESPONSE: Information and FAQs available here.  Events have been cancelled to May 30th.  

High-Impact Events

High-impact events have a significant impact on campus. These events may include road closures, the use of multiple areas on campus, the use of sound systems, events where alcohol will be served and/or events with a large number of attendees. Requests for these events must be submitted six (6) months in advance of the event.  When an event involves road closures, traffic control, etc., the traffic management plan must be finalized a minimum of 30 business days prior to the date of event setup.

Low-Impact Events

Low-impact events have a limited impact on campus operations and outdoor space. Requests for these events must be submitted a minimum 15 business days in advance of the event.


Outdoor Event Booking Form

Are you booking on behalf of an external organization?

Please note, event organizer must be on site during the event. If you are not going to be on site, please provide an alternate contact when booking is confirmed.


Is this event for charity?
Do you require vehicle access for event set-up and tear down?

Please download this UBC Vancouver campus map and indicate on the map where you would like to hold your event. Please upload the map with your indicated event location below.

If you are requesting space at UBC Life Building North Plaza or University Commons (plaza outside Alumni Centre and Nest) please indicate which area(s) you would like to hold your event.  

If your event utilizes various areas of campus, including UBC roads and Ministry roadways, please upload your complete event route map or course outline and traffic management plan below.

One file only.
64 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif jpg png pdf doc docx ppt xls .

Please indicate where you would like to hold your event, be as specific as possible and how the area will be used (eg, tent (include size), tables, chairs, etc.). If your event is a utilizes various campus areas (eg, campus roads, Ministry roadways, etc.), please email your route and Traffic Management Plan to outdoor.events@ubc.ca.

My event will be a:

Will participants pay a fee to enter the event?
Will street parking be impacted by the event?
Will alcohol be served at the event?

Please see the Special Events Permit Terms and Conditions for information about the requirements for a licensed event. 

Will food be served at the event?
Please review the Guidelines for Food Safety Management Plans from Vancouver Coastal Health. 
Will a power-boosted sound system be used for speeches or music?

Please be aware that noise must be kept to a minimal levels to not disrupt nearby classes or university operations. 

Do you require electricity? Power may not be available in all areas

Please be aware that only standard draw is available. If more power is needed, a generator must be supplied by event organizer. An electrical permit may be required.

Will sensitive materials be used for this event (e.g., toy guns, potentially offensive images)?

Provide any additional information regarding your event. This will expedite the approval process.

The following "Terms and Conditions" are incorporated into, and form part of, the booking agreement, as agreed to upon submission of your outdoor booking request:

  1. Access for all emergency vehicles must be provided when necessary.
  2. The event is conducted in a safe, orderly manner; adequate security is provided.
  3. The event is restricted to the assigned area (as applicable).
  4. The event does not interfere with University operations or other members of the University community.
  5. If food is being served, the event organizer has reviewed the Guidelines for Food Safety Management Plans and has received a food safety permit from Vancouver Coastal Health.  The permit must be shown, upon request, at any time prior to or during the event.
  6. If alcohol is being served, the event organizer has received an approved Special Events Permit (SEP) and reviewed the Special Events Terms and Conditions.
  7. The event organizer is responsible for any property damage that occurs as a result of the event. Damages will be assessed and repairs costs billed to the event organizer.
  8. The event organizer will strive towards UBC’s goal of zero waste by arranging for recycling and food scraps bins and signage, appropriate to the type and size of event. Bins can be obtained from UBC Waste Management; signage resources and guidance on event waste management are also available.
  9. The event organizer is responsible for leaving the area clean and litter-free and may be billed for all subsequent costs incurred by the University for cleanup.
  10. In some instances, a deposit may be required to cover potential damage, cleanup, or other costs as well as to ensure compliance with University policies (eg, Policy #SC9 - Serving and Consumption of Alcohol).
  11. The event organizer will ensure traffic control personnel follow the approved traffic management plan. 
  12. Vehicles are not permitted on grassy areas or pedestrian walkways and plazas.
  13. Vehicle and pedestrian access to student residences, private residences, academic buildings and commercial businesses must not be obstructed.
  14. The University has contracted for certain advertising and commercial sponsorship relationships with third parties. The University reserves the right to refuse or cancel bookings for outdoor space that, in the University's opinion, would put the University in violation of these contracts. The University shall not be responsible for any costs or damages resulting from this action.
  15. Approval may be revoked without compensation in the event of a breach of any laws, by-laws, or the terms and conditions set herein. Non-compliance may also result in additional charges. Any infractions or violations will be noted and will be applied towards any consideration for future booking or against current bookings for that group.
  16. Event organizer must be on site for the duration of the event. If you are not going to be on site, please provide an alternate contact at the time of booking. 

 If you have any questions, please contact Community Development, Campus + Community Planning at outdoor.events@ubc.ca.