UBC cyclists take the lead in Go by Bike Week Challenge

Go By Bike Week

With 274 cyclists from UBC taking part in this year’s Go by Bike Week challenge, UBC is once again the leader for best workplace participation. The bi-annual event hosted by HUB Cycling encourages everyone to seek out active modes of transportation as a way to improve overall health all while lowering our carbon footprint.

Of the 51 UBC teams that registered, team “Site-Directed Commutagenesis” from Michael Smith Laboratories will take home the trophy for logging in over 255 cycling trips and cycling an impressive 3,467 kilometers.

Go by Bike Week winners

Pictured above: A photo collage of the winning team "Site-Directed Commutagenesis" from the Michael Smith laboratories, which includes a few of the riders, some scenery captured while cycling and one spill!  


To learn more about Go by Bike Week, visit our helpful resource page which also has information on the many cycling resources we are fortunate enough to have on the UBC Vancouver campus, including UBC’s bike share program.

Spring 2021 Go by Bike Week Numbers:

  • 274 riders
  • 1,227 trips logged
  • 3,478 kg of greenhouse gas emissions saved from entering the air and traveling more than 16,000 kilometres (over 2.5 times the length of Canada)
  • 50 tree seedlings 10 years of growth to sequester the same amount of carbon emissions

Due to the high number of employees working remotely this past year, Bike to Work Week was re-named to Go by Bike Week but will go back to its original name as  UBC Vancouver staff and faculty plan to return to campus this fall. We encourage everyone to start thinking about the fall 2021 Bike to Work Week coming up on September 27 – October 3. Stay tuned!