Thunderbird Park Transportation Study

Updated: March 10, 2020
map showing the proposed upgrades
A new National Soccer Development Centre, which includes a new Fieldhouse and Plaza, and additional and improved athletic fields are proposed for the Thunderbird Park area of campus.


In early 2013, UBC conducted a Transportation Study of Thunderbird Park and the surrounding area in preparation for a proposed new National Soccer Development Centre (NSDC). The purpose of the study was to determine the transportation needs and parking requirements of the NSDC and potential traffic impacts to this area and in surrounding neighbourhoods.



As part of the planning for the new facilities, it was important for UBC to assess the current and future transportation demands for the Thunderbird Park area in order to determine impacts to UBC and our community. We also ensured safe and appropriate access for all field users. We wanted to ensure that the addition of the new facilities is a positive one for the campus community. This Study helped determine if there are any significant transportation related issues that needed to be addressed as part of the Thunderbird Park development planning process.

The proposed new facilities will allow UBC to continue to play a leadership role in hosting, planning or organizing community sport activities, expanding on existing camps, leagues, programs and events. Currently more than 700,000 visits to Thunderbird Park are made annually to participate in athletic activities and events. UBC expects this to grow with the new and improved facilities.


Guiding Principles


Recommendations from this Transportation Study were developed in context with the existing goals, plans and policies contained in UBC’s Land Use Plan, Vancouver Campus Planand Neighbourhood Plans with an overarching goal to ensure that the planned development will have a positive impact to the campus for the community and for field users.

For more information on the NSDC and the Transportation Study, please refer to the Public Open House Diplay Boards and the Public Consultation Summary Report below:


Consultation Report and Public Input


Public consultation took place from February 22 to March 6, 2013 online, with a Public Open House on Thursday, February 28, 2013.

A Public Consultation Summary Report as well as links to appendices are available below:


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