Filming Fees

The following information provide an outline for commercial filming and photography on the UBC campus.


A location fee of $2,500 per shoot day and $1,250 per prep/wrap day is charged to any production agency using university locations for the purposes of producing feature films, television commercials, general entertainment programs and non-UBC documentaries.

For commercial still photography, UBC has the discretion to charge a half-day rate of $1,250.

The location fee may be reduced and/or waived for non-commercial production agencies and public broadcasting institutions producing education and public interest programs, including documentaries.

A refundable damage deposit of $5,000 per shoot day is required.  The deposit may be used to offset any charges owing on the final invoice.

Liaison and Additional Services

UBC is bound by the terms of various collective agreements with its support, labour and maintenance staff. Under these collective agreements, certain functions on the campus fall under union jurisdiction. If such functions are required, the producer agrees to utilize and pay for union staff at the rates contained in the said collective agreements.

For every location, at least one UBC Security Officer or film liaison must be engaged during filming and will be charged an hourly rate.

A UBC Security Officer or department liaison may also be requested to accompany the production, and will be charged an hourly rate.

If the production company requests that they be accompanied while scouting the campus, a UBC liaison can be scheduled and will be charged an hourly rate.

The cost of any additional services provided by the university, including security, parking, trades, etc., will be charged in addition to the location fee.  The university, in accordance with general policies and procedures, will decide which of these services are required for any film production.


The producer shall take out and keep in full force and effect through the term of the agreement, general liability insurance including without limitation contractual liability insurance and tenants legal liability insurance, against claims of personal injury, bodily injury including death, property damage or loss arising out of the operations of the producer in, upon or about the campus to the combined limit as may be reasonably required by UBC from time to time, but in any case, of not less than $5,000,000 in total coverage. UBC shall be named as an additional insured on this insurance policy but only with respect to claims arising out of activities of the producer as described in this agreement. Such policy of insurance shall include a cross-liability and/or severability of interest clause protecting UBC and its officers, agents and employees, against claims by the producer as if UBC were separately insured and protecting the producer against claims by UBC as if the producer were separately insured.

The producer shall also have in effect throughout the term of the agreement liability insurance, to a limit of at least $5,000,000 for all owned and non-owned motor vehicles deployed by the producer on the UBC campus. The producer shall deliver to UBC a copy of these insurances, or certificates of insurance relating thereto, prior to the location shoot.

Other Requirements

Production agencies filming at the university which need auxiliary sources of power must use silenced generators and suspend or cover all cables at their own expense.

All arrangements, including the payment of the location fees, evidence of insurance, and the execution of agreements or posting of bonds when required, must be completed at least two business days prior to the commencement of filming.

Information for production companies considering filming at UBC is available from Creative BC or by contacting UBC Community Development.