Public Realm Plan

The UBC Public Realm Plan for the Vancouver Campus directs planning and investment in the outdoor public spaces of the academic core of campus.

The Public Realm Plan provides strategies for setting investment priorities, processes for design development, and direction for management throughout the life of these public spaces. This serves as the necessary roadmap to implement key objectives set out by the university community in the Vancouver Campus Plan process.

The 15-year, $46 million plan will improve and update a network of outdoor public spaces to:

  • Animate, invigorate and bring life to campus.
  • Enhance the educational experience with informal learning opportunities.
  • Promote the sharing of ideas, creative expressions and interaction across disciplines.
  • Support and nurture the physical and mental health of students, faculty and staff.
  • Instill pride and a strong sense of place that showcases the culture of UBC.
  • Are economically sustainable, well used and supported by the community.

Through the Public Realm Plan, we’re creating areas on campus that invite social interaction, support learning and connect students, faculty, staff, and residents. This significant investment in new and upgraded infrastructure supports the goals set out in The UBC Strategic Plan.