Green Building Action Plan

The new UBC Green Building Action Plan was approved by the Board of Governors on September 27, 2018

The New Green Building Action Plan

The University of British Columbia’s (UBC’s) Green Building Action Plan (GBAP) outlines a holistic pathway for academic and residential buildings at the UBC Vancouver campus to advance towards making net positive contributions to human and natural systems by 2035.

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The GBAP plays a key role in pursuit of an exceptional built environment, one that will support the academic mission of teaching, learning and research and contribute to our sustainability goals on the academic campus and within residential neighbourhoods. To implement the GBAP a series of goals, targets and actions have been developed that will direct work towards achieving the GBAP vision: By 2035, UBC’s buildings will make net positive contributions to human and natural systems. UBC is growing rapidly, and it is expected to significantly increase the number of new building projects and existingbuilding retrofit projects over the next 20 years.

How these buildings are designed, constructed and operated will have significant impact on sustainability of the campus as well as the wellbeing of the people who study, work and live here. The GBAP is intended to provide guidance to ensure the design and construction of new buildings, renovations and retrofits achieve high levels of performance that advance the campus toward the net positive vision and lower the total cost of ownership.

For both institutional and residential buildings, the GBAP provides ambitious goals, targets and actions in eight distinct but interrelated component areas: energy, water, materials and resources, biodiversity, health and wellbeing, quality, climate adaptation, and place and experience.

Residential Environmental Assessment Program (REAP)

Check out the new REAP 3.1 Reference Manual and the REAP 3.1 Checklist to stay updated on the newest REAP requirements that were approved with the Green Building Action Plan.