Waste Reduction Initiatives

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Reducing waste is the most important step in waste management. At UBC, we have many initiatives to green our supply chain, reduce paper consumption and promote reusable containers. These programs minimize the volume of materials arriving on campus, and encourage the UBC community to adopt waste reduction behaviours.

Learn more: https://sustain.ubc.ca/waste-reduction

UBC Supply ManagementUBC Food Services, the UBC Bookstore and the Alma Mater Society are encouraging vendors to align with our sustainability objectives. We’re asking vendors to think of creative ways to ship to us, to reuse or recycle packaging, and to plan for leftover materials.

Paper Reduction

UBC is actively working to reduce paper consumption. We’ve also mandated that all paper purchased for the University consist of 30 per cent or greater recycled content.

UBC Supply Management mandated our major campus supplier to substitute virgin paper with 30 per cent post-consumer recycled content paper, resulting in 97 per cent of campus paper purchases having recycled content of 30 per cent or greater.