About Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning is dedicated to promoting a more sustainable environment for the UBC Community.

Since 1997, Transportation Planning has been working to reduce automobile trips to and from UBC, by promoting more sustainable modes of transportation including transit, carpooling, walking and cycling. From 1997-2016, the number of transit trips to and from campus increased by 259% while single occupancy vehicle trips increased only 11.5%. Total trips increased by 32%.

We provide a variety programs including the U-Pass, end of trip facilities for cyclists, and an Emergency Ride Home program.

In 2014 UBC released its UBC Transportation Plan, which replaced the 2005 Strategic Transportation Plan. It brings together existing policies and objectives that reside in a variety of other planning documents into one comprehensive plan. The Transportation Plan addresses gaps in existing plans related to movement, circulation, servicing, and access and includes a focus on on-campus circulation.