What We Do

We play a critical role in the day-to-day functioning of the university by addressing acute and long term transportation issues.

Transportation Planning has many functions which help us meet our mandate and pursue our mission of providing sustainable transportation options.

Strategic Planning 

Transportation Planning takes a holistic view of transportation for the UBC Vancouver campus. The Strategic Transportation Plan (STP) helps guide transportation programs and policies to help support an auto-restrained campus. The STP is informed by the Land Use Plan and the Vancouver Campus Plan.


Transportation Planning conducts research related to land use, transportation planning, and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) with an emphasis on campus transportation management. We conduct research on best practices and case studies in order to inform our own programs.  We also conduct research in the form of traffic counts, and transportation surveys to monitor travel trends, opinions, and satisfaction. See the research and reports page for more information.

Program Management

Many transportation programs are run or coordinated by Transportation Planning, including U-Pass and the Emergency Ride Home Program.  We work with many partners such as the AMS and TransLink to ensure a variety of dependable and useful transportation options are available to UBC community members. See your transportation options for more information.

Capital Investment

Transportation Planning manages bicycle infrastructure for the University.  Our investments bring new End of Trip Facilities (EOTF) and improvements for cyclists at UBC. This includes providing additional bike racks, secure bike parking, and ensuring that new buildings provide showers and lockers.

Marketing and Outreach

In addition to providing and developing transportation options, Transportation Planning makes efforts to get information to people who need it. We run and participate in community programming like Bike to Work Week and the Walk’n Roll program, in addition to distributing information to the community about transportation options.