Car + Vanpooling

Carpooling is a great way to travel to and from UBC

Carpooling provides people with a way to reduce costs and stress of commuting and in most cases allows drivers to make extra cash and reduce commutes by utilizing HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lanes to get to where you’re going faster.

It is also a simple way for individuals to reduce their emissions while saving money, reducing congestion and conserving energy along the way. Just under 15% of people travel to and from UBC by carpool or vanpool.

The UBC community can explore the services offered by carpooling organizations or set up a carpool on their own. Not to be confused with car-sharing and ride-hailing services, carpooling organizations help private car owners find passenger matches with the same route & schedule to share car journeys. 

Here are some carpool organizations available in Metro Vancouver to connect people to UBC. Please note that UBC does not endorse any of the third parties listed in this web page.


gobyRIDE offers an affordable way for everyone to travel and provides trip matching for single trips. The more people in the car-the cheaper the journey. The app connects users with available drivers and passengers across the region. Drivers post their trip with a desired origin, destination, and travel time and can offer rides to passengers. Passengers can also request rides with drivers based on proximity to their travel route and personal preferences.  

Visit for more information and to download the app.


Liftango provides an employee exclusive carpooling service and is offering free sign up to organizations (including businesses, universities and public institutions) to provide real-time carpool solutions at no mandatory cost to employees or students. This service is available to anyone in the UBC community with a e-mail address wanting to experience a stress-free, painless way to commute to UBC everyday or even a few times a week.   

To learn more visit


Poparide provides carpooling for people to share longer trips, commuting within sub-urban corridors, and  larger cities. Popular travel corridors are the Fraser Valley area and between Whistler/Squamish and Vancouver. Members can book and post trips directly via Poparide’s mobile app and all payments are processed securely online.

Visit for more information and to download the app.


U-pool is a carpool sharing platform and the sister company of U-bicycle. The Beta app was launched to provide more affordable alternatives for daily commutes and has been used by students looking to share rides and the cost of commuting. Drivers and passengers use the same web app to request and book trips. 

Visit to sign up and find out more information.

Resources for setting up a carpool:

Here are a few resources to help set up a carpool for your workplace or class. 

Map and sticky dots: 
Print out a regional map and ask people who are interested in carpooling to place sticky dots to represent where they live. You can ask for nearest intersection to place of residence to avoid privacy concerns. Carpoolers can then self-organize with others who live in their area. Sample downloadable maps: Metro Vancouver | Vancouver

Sign-up sheets:
Download the carpool sign-up template (doc) to help coordinate carpools. Identify who already drives to campus and who may have space in their vehicle, as well as potential pick-up/drop-off times and locations.

Logistics and compensation: 
Talk to potential carpoolers to discuss logistics. Compensation is going to be different for everyone, but a toonie each way could go a long way for the driver if they fill their cars.