Bike Share Programs

Options for bike shares on (and off) campus, including HOPR public bike share, student-run bike co-ops, staff bike shares, and discounts for Mobi by Shaw Go bike share program.

HOPR Campus Bike Share 

HOPR is the new bike share operator at UBC Vancouver!

HOPR bikes are coming to campus this summer, with over 100 bikes initially and plans to expand the fleet to over 200 bikes by September 2019. The service area will cover the entire UBC campus, including academic and neighbourhood areas.

HOPR’s parent company Cyclehop LLC, who also operate the Mobi by Shaw Go system in Vancouver, have partnered with campuses and cities across North America to deliver similar programs. They were selected through a competitive procurement-like process to operate on campus at no cost to the University.

With the new operator, UBC has put in place stronger requirements related to where and how bikes are parked on campus.

Visit for more information about the HOPR bike share program, including pricing and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Download the HOPR Transit App on the App Store or Google Play to start riding!

Interested in real-time HOPR data? Find their publicly available API here. Learn about the General Bikeshare Feed Specification on GitHub.

HOPR Bike Share Parking

Over 55 bike share parking hubs have been designated around campus, with more rolling out this fall!

Dropbike Pilot

Dropbike’s one-year pilot providing bike share to the UBC Vancouver campus community ended in July 2019. Throughout the pilot, roughly 30,000 rides were taken on Dropbikes by a broad range of users, including students, faculty, staff and residents.

If you have questions about your membership or would like to report an issue, please contact the company through their app, or email

Want to learn more about the 2018/19 bike share pilot? Read the Summary Report from our campus-wide survey conducted in March 2019. 

UBC discounted memberships for Mobi by Shaw Go bike share in Vancouver

Members of the UBC community are eligible for discounted annual memberships with Vancouver’s public bike share program, Mobi by Shaw Go. These distinctive grey bikes with baskets are available at locations throughout central Vancouver, from Arbutus to Commercial Drive, north of 16th Avenue.  Please note that there are currently no Mobi docking stations at UBC.

Discounted annual memberships are available for UBC students, faculty, staff and neighbourhood residents to encourage active transportation choices andsupport health and wellbeing.  Members receive unlimited use of these bikes for up to 30 minutes or 60 minutes at a time, depending on the option selected ($99 or $119).  

1 year Corporate Standard discounted membership $99 (regularly $129)
Good for one year of Mobi access. You can take as many rides as you want and the first 30 minutes of each ride are included. Rides longer than 30 minutes incur overage fees.

1 year Corporate Plus discounted membership $119 (regularly $159)
Good for one year of Mobi access*. You can take as many rides as you want and the first 60 minutes of each ride are included. Rides longer than 60 minutes incur overage fees.

Learn more and register at applying the discount codes below.

Discount codes


Discount code: ubcstudents Discount code: ubcstudentp


Discount code: ubcfacultys
Discount code: ubcfacultyp


Discount code: ubcstaffs
Discount code: ubcstaffp


Discount code: ubcresidents
Discount code: ubcresidentp

Purple and Yellow Bike Share

The Purple and Yellow (P&Y) bike share program is operated by the AMS Bike Co-op, a student-run organization dedicated to making UBC a better place for cyclists and their bikes. To become a member of the Bike Co-op you can do 6 hours of volunteer work or pay $15 for students / $20 for faculty, staff, and community members. With membership, and one night of volunteering, you can get a key that will unlock any P&Y bike on campus. Grab one, and ride to where you want to go. When you’re done with it, lock the bike back up and leave it there for the next person to use.

For more information, visit the AMS Bike Co-op’s website, give them a call at 604.822.BIKE (604.822.2453), or drop by the Bike Kitchen, located in Room 36 at the UBC Life Building, 6138 Student Union Boulevard.

Staff Bike-Share Program

Various departments and/or buildings have bikes for staff and faculty or building occupants to sign out and share. Each group is different, but it’s usually as simple as filling out a short form to enroll and sign the bike out. Speak to your building or department administrator to find out if this service is available for you.