I Bike Here

Cycling is a quick and fun way to get around UBC campus!



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So you’ve watched our videos and decided to give biking around campus a shot? Here’s everything you need to know about cycling at UBC:

Cycling Maps

Getting to know your way to and from campus is always a good place to start! Check out the maps below.

UBC now has slow cycling zones within the pedestrian core, remember to use hand signals and ring your bell! The quick cycling routes are a great alternative to the core during busy times like class changes.

Getting around the academic core at UBC Vancouver and UBC Cycling Routes

Pedestrian priority zones (pink) and quicker cycling routes (blue).


Looking for some tips on how to get started, bike fitting and maintenance, rules of the road, keeping your bike safe or clothing?

Keep it Safe



  • UBC offers free cycling training courses twice a year as part of Bike to Work week; once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  If you would like to receive notification of when you can register, please sign up for our newsletter (top left of this page).
  • The AMS Bike Co-op offers introductory workshops in bike mechanics. To sign up, register online for an upcoming session.