UBC Bicycle Parking Policies and Bike Removal

Bicycle Removal

While UBC aims to provide a wide variety of End-Of-Trip-Facilities and options for bicycle parking, some areas are not appropriate for locking your bike: bicycles that are parked in places that restrict pedestrian movement, access to buildings, or critical infrastructure such as fire hydrants will be removed.

If you see a bicycle locked in a place where it must be immediately removed, please contact Building Operations at 604-822-2173 or email servicecentre.buildingops@ubc.ca.

To report abandoned bicycles that may not need to be removed immediately, contact Campus+Community Planning (C+CP)'s Transportation Engineer at 604-827-1552 or email at info.planning@ubc.ca. C+CP regularly has abanoned bicycles removed in order to free up bike rack space for the campus community.

Alternatively, UBC faculty and staff with appropriate access can submit a service request

Claiming removed bicycles

If your bicycle has been removed, please contact Plant Operations’ Trouble Calls at 604-822-2173. Please bring a photo or description of your bike, as well as ID when you pick up your bicycle.

Abandoned bicycles, and those that are not immediately removed due to safety hazards, will be tagged for 3 days prior to removal. Once removed, Plant Operations will store the bikes for 90 days. If they are not claimed in that time, bicycles are usually sent to the Bike Kitchen for refurbishing and may be sold or become part of the purple and yellow community bikes program.