UBC Transportation Plans

Released in October 2014, the current UBC Transportation Plan lays out long-term strategic transportation goals, objectives and targets.

UBC's Transportation Plans are developed through long-term, in-depth community consultation processes. 

2014 UBC Transportation Plan

Highlights include:

  • By 2040 at least two-thirds of trips to and from UBC will be made by walking, cycling, or transit 
  • Daily transit person trips to and from UBC increased by 298% from 1997-2012 
  • UBC's daytime population grew by 51% between 1997 and 2012, yet daily automobile traffic has been maintained at or less than 1997 levels 

Download: 2014 UBC Transportation Plan

To find out more about the public consultation process for the 2014 UBC Transportation Plan, click here

2005 Strategic Transportation Plan

Highlights include:

  • Maintain daily automobile traffic at or less than 1997 levels
  • Implement an on-campus shuttle service
  • Create an end-of-trip facilities plan for cyclists
  • Implement a U-Pass program for UBC residents, staff and faculty

1998 Strategic Transportation Plan

Highlights include:

  • A 4.8% reduction in SOV trips from 1997 levels despite the 22% growth in student enrolment, plus associated faculty and staff
  • A 163% increase in transit ridership
  • A 13% reduction in daily automobile volume