Eligibility and Exemptions

The success of the U-Pass program relies on mandatory participation by all eligible UBC students who live or study within the transit service area.

Eligible for a U-Pass BC

Students at UBC's Vancouver campus, Vancouver School of Theology, St. Mark’s/Corpus Christi, and Regent College are eligible if they are:

  • registered in full-time or part-time studies with a minimum of three credits, or assessed tuition fees of more than $708/term or $177/month;
  • fee-paying members of the AMS.

Not Eligible for a U-Pass BC

Students are not eligible if they are:

  • taking exclusively distance learning or web-based courses AND are not assessed AMS fees;
  • enrolled in a strictly distance learning course (not eligible for U-Pass and no option to opt into the U-Pass program);
  • an outgoing exchange student

U-Pass BC Exemptions

Students who are being assessed U-Pass BC fees, and who meet one of the following criteria, may apply for an exemption:

  • You hold a valid U-Pass BC from another post-secondary institution within Metro Vancouver.
  • You hold another valid non-transferable transit pass which is valid for each month of the duration of the U-Pass Term  (e.g. transit employee subsidiary pass). Please provide a photocopy of the front and back of the pass by the exemption deadline.
  • You are unable to use the U-Pass BC for reasons of a disability
  • You do not live in Metro Vancouver AND do not take classes offered by UBC, VST, St. Mark’s or Regent delivered within Metro Vancouver. (See map of municipalities which are within Metro Vancouver.)

Please Note: Many courses do not have scheduled classes (e.g. graduate thesis, directed studies, honour’s research projects) and are designated in the registration system as on-campus courses. Exemptions are available only for these types of courses being completed outside Metro Vancouver. Please provide a letter or an email from your Faculty Supervisor by the exemption deadline.

Graduate students applying for an exemption require a letter or an email from their Faculty Advisor/Secretary which confirms that they are completing their work outside Metro Vancouver.

Medical Exemptions

If you have a physical or psychological condition that has been diagnosed by a qualified medical professional and prevents you from using public transit, you must register with the Centre for Accessibility. You will be required to provide medical documentation supporting your claim.

Each term the Centre for Accessibility provides the U-Pass office with a list of registered students and those students are eligible to receive the U-Pass exemption. Please do not forward any personal medical documentation to the U-Pass office.

How do I apply for an exemption?

The online exemption request form is available on the Student Service Centre website.

When is the exemption application deadline?

The exemption application deadline is the same as the withdrawal date without W standing for your courses (approximately 2 weeks after the start of your classes). 

Refund of U-Pass

Students who have completed their program mid-way through the term are not entitled to full U-Pass priviledges for the remainder of the term and will receive a partial U-Pass refund. 

U-Pass Subsidies

The AMS administers a fund to subsidize the cost of the U-Pass for those students experiencing financial hardship or exceptional circumstances which are not considered eligible for an ‘exemption’. Full and partial subsidies are available. To learn more about eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit the AMS website.