2014 UBC Transportation Plan

Updated: December 10, 2019
UBC Vancouver Main Mall
The 2014 UBC Transportation Plan was developed with input received through a three-phase consultation process with the university community between January 2013 and April 2014.


The UBC Transportation Plan for the UBC Vancouver campus was approved by the Board of Governors in September 2014. The Transportation Plan brings a new focus to on-campus transportation and consolidates existing transportation policies and actions that reside in UBC’s Land Use Plan, Vancouver Campus Plan, and Strategic Transportation Plan. The Plan also identifies gaps in these existing plans related to transportation around campus and provides new policies and actions to achieve aspirational long-term targets.

The 2014 UBC Transportation Plan includes policies and actions that UBC is taking in the areas of walking, cycling, transit, driving, accessibility, and circulation, service and other transportation measures.

Download the 2014 UBC Transportation Plan

Public Consultation

The public consultation process was essential to ensuring UBC’s Transportation Plan meets the campus community’s needs. Public consultation occurred between January 2013 and April 2014 over three phases. Each phase included opportunities for input from the campus community, including students, faculty, staff, campus residents and alumni.

The planning process also included a Transportation Plan Advisory Committee. The role of the Committee was to review and provide comments on community engagement and consultation, gaps in current plans, and proposed strategic policy directions. The Committee included representatives from the following departments and stakeholders:

  • University Neighbourhoods Association
  • Alma Mater Society
  • Graduate Student Society
  • UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services
  • UBC Building Operations
  • UBC Parking and Access Control Services
  • UBC Supply Management
  • UBC Access and Diversity
  • UBC Campus Mail
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • UBC School of Community and Regional Planning
  • UBC Properties Trust
  • UBC Campus + Community Planning

Other stakeholders and agencies were engaged throughout the process as needed, such as TransLink, the University Endowment Lands or the City of Vancouver.

Phase I

April 2013: In the first phase, the public was offered both online and in-person opportunities to identify issues and opportunities as they relate to on-campus transportation. Respondents expressed support for UBC’s walking, cycling and transit initiatives. The feedback from this phase helped identify opportunities to better address how people get around campus, such as additional cycling facilities, and informed the policy directions presented in Phase II.

The consultation summary of feedback received in this phase is available below:


Phase II

November 2013: In the second phase, the public was invited to learn more about the process of developing the Plan, and comment through both in-person and online feedback opportunities on proposed policy directions to improve on-campus transportation. Respondents again demonstrated support for UBC’s walking, cycling and transit initiatives, but highlighted rapid transit to campus and pedestrian safety on West 16th Avenue as opportunities for improvement.

The consultation summary of feedback received in this phase is available below:


Phase III

March/April 2014: In this final phase, a draft of the Transportation Plan was presented to the campus community for input. Both in-person and online feedback opportunities were offered. Campus and Community Planning staff also received input from representatives of neighbouring organizations, Vancouver Coastal Health, and the Musqueam First Nation.

The consultation summary of feedback received in this phase is available below: