Filming Guidelines

Here are UBC's guidelines for commercial and documentary filming and photography.

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Please review the relevant protocols prior to doing any filming or photography on campus: 

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Drones and Drone Filming 

Student Filming

Filming Guidelines

  • Requests for filming must normally be submitted at least 15 business days in advance of prep day. 
  • A complete script must be submitted for approval prior to the technical survey to ensure that the content does not damage the reputation or image of the university. For commercials and documentaries, a storyboard and detailed outline must be provided.
  • Only the UBC Contract for Filming or Contract for Photography will be entered into and signed by UBC.
  • The Film & Events Office has the right to refuse any request for filming or photography on UBC property.
  • The producer is encouraged to involve students from the UBC Department of Theatre & Film as observers while filming is occurring on campus.
  • UBC's anonymity must be maintained during any photo session and filming of all productions, including promotion and credits, unless requested by UBC for documentaries and educational productions.  
  • No major set construction or alteration of buildings will be permitted. 
  • All areas used by productions must be returned to their normal condition.
  • Filming on campus should be conducted in a sustainable manner. See UBC Sustainability Guidelines for Filming.    
  • There must be minimal disruption to university programming and activities, as well as to the campus community. 

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