Earth Sciences Building (ESB)

Updated: February 25, 2020
Map showing where the ESB will be placed
The former proposal is for the current Earth Systems Science Building (ESSB) which includes teaching, laboratory, and office spaces for the Department of Earth and Ocean Science (EOS), the Department of Statistics, the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), the Dean of Science, and the Pacific Museum of the Earth (PME).

DP 09022

The site of the existing EOS East at 2219 Main Mall and the South Staff Office Block.

  • Public Open House held on October 15, 2009 11:30 am – 1:30 pm in Fred Kaiser Atrium, 2332 Main Mall
  • Development Permit Issued - June 2010
  • Start Construction - Fall 2010
  • Complete - Summer 2012


The building is 15,452 gsm and the project site is located at 2219 Main Mall, north of Sustainability Street. The project site boundary is defined by a 12.0m setback from the Main Mall oak trees to the East, a 30.5m setback from the Scarfe building to the North, alignment with the South face of the Beaty Biodiversity Whale Pavilion to the South and the EOS Main building to the West. The site was formerly occupied by the Earth and Ocean Sciences East Building (EOS East) and the Engineering Annex Building. Both buildings were demolished prior to the start of construction.  


  • Faculty of Science
  • UBC Properties Trust


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