Wesbrook Mall Upgrades

The Wesbrook Mall corridor from 16th Avenue to Chancellor Boulevard is being upgraded in phases to repair the condition of the roadway and enhance safety and user experience for all modes of transportation. The first phase of upgrades is now complete.

B1_Project Area-Campus Scale.jpg

Wesbrook Mall project area.


The Wesbrook Mall improvements focus on the bus, pedestrian and cyclist environment in order to help create a positive arrival experience to campus. The first phase of construction, which was from Student Union Boulevard to University Boulevard, is now complete and provides improved pedestrian facilities, fully repaved roadways, and new, separated, bike lanes for cyclists.

The improvements to the Wesbrook Mall corridor are being done in collaboration with the University Endowment Lands, the University Neighbourhoods Association, TransLink, Metro Vancouver and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. In the project pages on the left, you will learn about:

  • The long-term design vision for Wesbrook Mall that prioritizes a range of improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and buses
  • The first phase of construction, which is now complete, and provides improved pedestrian facilities, fully repaved roadways, new, separated, bike lanes for cyclists and new dedicated bus lanes
  • A new 41st Avenue B-Line bus service to UBC that is launching in January 2020

Next Steps

The remaining phases of future work along Wesbrook Mall will be completed as funding allows starting with Phase 2 next summer, which will include the section of Wesbrook Mall from University Boulevard to the south side of Agronomy Road.


Contact Aviva Savelson, Senior Manager, Public Engagement at aviva.savelson@ubc.ca or 604 822-0273

Engagement Principles:

Campus + Community Planning’s consultation processes are guided by Engagement Principles, which ensure clarity and transparency in how we define, design, implement, and conclude public engagement in our community planning processes. The principles were created through consultation with a wide range of partners including campus stakeholders, student government, and Musqueam.

Construction Notice:

For information on construction and detours at UBC visit transportation.ubc.ca.