Tips for bike safety during COVID-19

A Mom and her daughter on their bikes near Burrard Street bridge

With warm spring weather on the horizon, many people currently working from home are eager to get outside on their bikes. However, with physical distancing requirements due to COVID-19, safety remains a top concern for many. Krista Falkner, Transportation Engineer from Campus and Community Planning, provides us with some tips on how to bike safely during COVID-19. 

“Exercise is great for mental well-being, staying healthy, and boosting the mood of the whole family, but it needs to be done with personal distancing guidelines and safety in mind,” said Falkner.

Keep the following bike safety tips in mind during the current COVID-19 restrictions:

  1. Avoid traffic and choose to ride on local roads or designated bike routes. Make sure to use your bell to alert people and pass them safely.
  2. Keep a respectful distance of more than two metres when passing pedestrians or other cyclists.
  3. Avoid exercising during peak periods of the day such as mid-morning and early-evening when more people are outside.
  4. Be mindful of vehicles and other bikes on the road and if walking, keep to the sidewalks.
  5. Do you have kids with energy to burn? If it’s safe to do so, try setting up an obstacle course in an empty parking lot for them i.e. at a church or school.
  6. If it’s in your budget, consider purchasing a bike trainer to ride at home. 


Ways to get involved

Go by Bike Week

During the pandemic, HUB Cycling's Spring 2020 Bike to Week cycle commuting campaign is moving online with a new name - 'Go by Bike Week' from May 25 to 31 2020.

Cyclists in Metro Vancouver can register to log their trips for Go by Bike Week and enter to win great prizes. For cyclists at UBC Okanagan, you are welcome to register for the free webinars – RSVP at for the challenge and the webinars.

Virtual Cycling Webinar - Lunch Hour Primer

Wednesday, June 17, 12 – 1 PM

Join HUB Cycling for a fun lunch and learn virtual workshop. As the province begins to reopen this will be useful information to plan your summer commute to work or elsewhere. This lunchtime webinar will provide an introduction to cycling best practices and learn how to bike safely to work and beyond. 

  • Rights and responsibilities of cyclists
  • Learn how to share the road and communicate with other road users
  • Learn how to take your bike on transit
  • Plan a safe route
  • Find out about different types of commuter gear

Register here. Attendance is limited to first 30 registrants.


Biking Resources

 Beginner cycling safety 

Bike security

  • Register your bike for free with 529 Garage, learn how to properly lock your bike, and discover other anti-theft devices.

Bike route maps 




  • Curious about electric bikes? Check out the deals on e-bikes being offered to UBC staff and faculty by these participating bike shops.