Vancouver Campus Plan

The UBC Vancouver Campus Plan provides a cohesive framework for the campus’ current and future development and guides decision-making for the next 20 years.

It establishes the principles, policies and strategies for growth and development of the campus’ institutional lands bounded by the escarpment to the north, Marine Drive to the west, Thunderbird Boulevard to the south, and Wesbrook Mall to the east. The Plan was orginally approved by UBC’s Board of Governors in June 2010 and minor updates were approved in September 2014.

The current plan was developed through a six-phase, comprehensive, inclusive, and engaging consultative process with students, residents, alumni, and other stakeholders from 2005 to 2010. The process included a review of the 1992 Main Campus Plan, necessary research, such as our student housing survey and our staff/faculty housing survey, and consultation with UBC community stakeholders.

Five Vancouver Campus Plan strategies

UBC’s Vancouver campus will evolve over time to meet the goals of the Vancouver Campus Plan by focusing on five major strategies that emerged from the plan’s technical work and consultation process. The five strategies will foster initiatives that will benefit students, faculty, staff, residents, and the UBC community at large.

1. Create a sustainable campus with outcomes such as:

  • Campus as a living laboratory
  • More student housing
  • Public space designed with nature
  • Greener buildings and infrastructure
  • Compact campus
  • Vibrant campus life

2. Provide a campus for globally significant teaching, learning and research

  • Accommodate growth and renewal of academic and research facilities
  • Foster academic interaction between students and faculty
  • Use the campus as an educational resource and a living laboratory

3. Nurture a more vibrant and interesting campus for UBC’s community of scholars

  • Accommodate more capacity and variety of student housing on campus
  • Enliven the campus with sues that sustain daily needs, support more activities and encourage people to gather
  • Complete the heart of campus
  • Create localized centres from which students, faculty and staff can experience the larger university

4. Rediscover UBC’s sense of place and natural west coast beauty

  • Improve the design cohesiveness of buildings and landscapes
  • Accentuate the natural west coast setting
  • Encourage a physical quality befitting a globally significant university
  • Improve the public space

5. Ensure a well-connected and accessible campus

  • Create a more pedestrian and cyclist friendly campus
  • Refine transit routes
  • Increase the universal physical accessibility of campus
  • Improve the safety and design of roads and intersections