Proposed Campus Shuttle Route Changes

Updated: March 10, 2020
photo of the community shuttle
In 2012, UBC worked with TransLink to identify improvements to the existing community shuttle service on campus.


UBC is committed to building a well-connected and accessible campus that meets the diverse needs of the campus community.

As part of an on-going review of Metro Vancouver’s regional transit system, TransLink evaluated the current UBC community shuttles and found them to be underutilized. In 2012, TransLink approached UBC with an opportunity to work together to enhance the campus community shuttle services, with the goal of increasing ridership and improving connections.

The proposed changes included an expansion of the coverage of the C20 shuttle, and a redistribution of the C22 service hours to the C20, as the C22 was underutilized.

The C20 shuttle route used to operate in a one-way loop, serving the university community from Marine Drive to the UBC bus loop. The C22 route used to serve the university community from Hampton Place to the UBC bus loop.

Public Consultation


From November 23rd to December 12th, 2012 we consulted the university community on proposed changes to the current C20 and C22. The proposed route was designed to provide a simple, direct, and expanded two-way service, that better connects UBC neighbourhoods and amenities.

To learn more about the shuttle route changes and the public consultation process, see the Public Consultation Summary Report and appendices below.

Consultation Report and Public Input


A Public Consultation Summary Report as well as links to appendices are available below:


Public Consultation Summary Report Reference Material                                    
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