Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre (EDC)

Updated: February 25, 2020
Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre
The proposal was for the Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre (EDC), which serves UBC engineering students and enhances the learning, social and physical environment of the Applied Science community.

DP 08020

The site is located at 2345 East Mall, adjacent to Engineering Lane. It is situated just north of The Brimacombe (AMPEL) Building, south of the CEME building, and east of the MacLeod building. Many of the Applied Science facilities are located in this area, which lies within the Main Campus Academic Core.

  • Development Permit Issued - May 2010

  • Start Construction - Fall 2010
  • Complete - August 2011


The building is three storeys in height and occupies the space of the existing portable trailers at the corner of East Mall and Engineering Lane. The building retains and frames the existing courtyard and retains existing trees where healthy and feasible. No new parking was provided, except for bicycles. A former loading stall was renovated and retained for shared use with the neighbouring CEME building.

Former pedestrian paths were maintained and enlivened. Site services (sanitary, water and storm) are available adjacent to the site in the street at East Mall corridor. Utility services on the site, serving the former portables, were capped and removed or were relocated to suit the new work. Street lamps were refurbished and reused on the site.


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